The Most Important Question is: Why?

Before you jump into the how of Social Media, think about why it might help you.

If you are finding yourself in the market for a new job, or think you might be in a few years, then your why is creating a professional image online. Many recruiters are looking for you online. If you are not there, or have an incomplete profile, that reflects your online competence.

Everyone is in sales. Social media can act as a powerful prospecting tool. Are you missing out on leads because you are not engaging your social network? You should continue, and possibly increase, your face-to-face networking. Following up and engaging people online after a face-to-face encounter is a great way to build those relationships.

You may have a large and impressive stack of business cards and personal connections. Social media applications make it quick and easy to connect your friends with each other. In this new era of collaboration and transparency, it is accepted and encouraged to show all of your cards. This is a foreign concept for many people, but it will be the way business is done in the future.


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