26 Tips to Enhance Your Experience on LinkedIn

Neal Schaffer held a LinkedIn workshop at SMMOC this week. I attend many seminars on social media subjects so that I might glean some insight into how speakers explain social media to an audience. There were a couple of things that Neal said that I found interesting.

He suggested that by using Tweet Deck or Hoot Suite, you are losing the ability to maximize each of the applications. LinkedIn has so many uses beyond the status updates and if you never actually log in and use the tool the way it is meant to be used, you are missing a lot of functionality. LinkedIn has been rolling out some new features, so make sure you are logging in and checking them out periodically!

I was surprised to hear him say that he hides his connection list. I always felt that we are living in a more open and collaborative world. If you are in sales and worried about your competition finding your clients, know that there are many more ways to do so, including a people search on LinkedIn. By doing a people search, I can see my potential clients and who they are connected to, regardless if either one has hidden their list.

Here's a great list of 26 tips on LinkedIn, starting with the basics:


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