New Year, Change of Concept

Building Bridges will be the new concept for the Personal Branding for Gen X and Boomers blog. When I started my business, a majority of my peers did not understand how they could or should be branding themselves online. There are still a few people who need help with that but it is no longer the focus of my business. I am still in a great position to build bridges: 

communicating between generations
crossing the digital divide
paving the way to more engaging events

I love connecting people and ideas.

The New Year is bringing about a new focus for me. My digital assets need to reflect that. SocialPoint will be the priority of my efforts this year and we will have a ton of great education and insight to share about interactive meeting technology on their site. I am hoping that video will be a big part of how we share that content. If you are thinking about content marketing strategies for 2014, I hope you are looking at video.
I have always wanted a place to blog about random subjects. You might be thinking that I do that already if you have read some of my posts. However, I have tried to keep them related to social media and the meetings and events industry. This blog should have always been more personal but when you start a business you try to make your company seem bigger than yourself. The problem with doing that in a consultancy is the lack of transparency. People will hire you because they feel comfortable with you. Your digital stories should reflect who you really are.

As I write this, I am returning from a trip to Minneapolis for a meeting with SocialPoint. I was joking with my friends there about how I think those of us who live in California (and other parts of the country where we don’t have a real winter) are soft because we don’t have to deal with the snow and cold. Bundling up before going outside, scraping the windows of your car before you go anywhere (like I had to do in High School in Nebraska) give you a different outlook on life and other challenges you face. When we get too complacent about anything in our lives, we lose the drive to innovate and create positive change. Think about the contradictions in your life or the unique perspective you have on situations because of the experiences and situations that have made you who you are. 

As always, I hope that you ask questions and call me out when necessary. I enjoy the dialogue!


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