Has the Future of Work Changed?

In January, I told you I'd been looking into my crystal ball and thought successful companies look like this in the future:


Here's how my survey respondents scored the likeliness of these visions (before COVID-19):

  1. Leaders who understand the BUSINESS value of diversity are willing to spend resources figuring out how to create more inclusive cultures. (20)


  1. Employees who have a personal brand add value to a company's authenticity when organizations support them with autonomy. (20)
  2. Companies that project a human image by being vulnerable (contrary to PR rules) will attract loyalty that is all but impossible to get in this era. (11)
  3. Everything from the business model to how leaders manage their teams will be up for discussion. Instead of waiting for change to happen TO them, they are PROACTIVE. (9)
Some ideas on how to translate these to our current situation:

Are you more likely now to open up to a new future vs. banking on a return to what was - before COVID-19? Now that change has happened TO us, how will we shape the future? Late last year, I had used a human-centered design framework to answer the following questions:

  • What does "Keep Calm and Carry On" look like? (following the existing path)
  • What if your thing disappears?
  • What would you do if money and what people think didn't matter?

This crisis is the perfect opportunity for you to practice vulnerability, as an employee, as a leader, as an organization. No one has the answers and it is okay to admit it.

If you hear of any organizations that have the values listed above, I’d love to connect to them. If you are interested in discussing any of these concepts, let me know. Sign up for my newsletter here.


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