Making A Marketer

Podcasts are popular! It’s an awesome avenue through which to reach people because it doesn’t require our eyeballs… we can listen to a podcast while we’re running, driving, cleaning – you name it. We want to help people by not only talking about what’s new and hot, but we also want to dig a bit deeper. Business people can use help with all aspects of their marketing, whether a beginner or advanced, and we’ll be covering everything from social media strategy & tactics, to events.

Presentations at prior speaking engagements can be found on Elizabeth's SlideShare page.

Meetings Podcast

Listen to Elizabeth Glau and other guests of the Meetings Podcast discuss trends in the meetings and events industry.

YouTube Channel

Watch helpful videos like how to do an advanced search on LinkedIn and how to schedule posts on Twitter.

Webinar clients include: PCMA, eTouches, Convention Industry Council, (C) Systems and Quick Mobile.