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How Did I Get Here?

After 18 years in hospitality and events; as a supplier, planner, consultant, and speaker, I am embarking on a new journey... actually, let's call it a  divergence .   Four years ago, I reached out to someone who had recently followed me on twitter. I noticed he was posting good content about events, he lived in Denver, and I was about to take a trip to Denver. This is how twitter used to work (ten years ago, before marketers ruined it) but I was determined to keep building relationships with people online. We had a great meeting while I was in Denver and we became friends. Two years later, I was on a formal advisory board for this friend's event technology startup. He introduced me to Chrystal Huskey. After hearing her story and what she was building, I couldn't wait to help her! I gave her the names of all of the people I thought she should know. I didn't realize at the time I was helping her build my company, I was just trying to help someone who was s

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