Using LinkedIn to Promote Yourself and Your Business

This is the title of a round table discussion I am leading for SDMPI on 11/19. The problem with social media sessions is that everyone is at different levels so it is hard to present information that is helpful for everyone. So, I am thinking about the basic steps to "using LinkedIn to promote yourself and your business."

1. Complete your profile. Your profile is your online resume which contains valuable information for either recruiters or potential clients. People do business with people they like! Make sure your expertise shines on their screens.

2. Build your network. The more people you are connected to, the larger your audience becomes. How I do it: every time I go to a networking event, I send connection invitations to everyone who gave me a business card. Note: many of you are afraid to connect to your competitors, but you never know when they might refer business to you that they can't acommodate.

3. Engage your network. Update your status with a current project or useful information, "like", comment, share updates from your connections. Join groups and interact with people in your industry that you have never met in person. Don't advertise your business, simply answer questions when you have insight. You can also do this on LinkedIn Answers.

Those are the three basic activities to promote yourself and your business on LinkedIn. See my previous post about the Service Provider Directory and future posts about other features and applications.
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