Out of Control E-mail

I don't know about you, but my e-mail inboxes are out of control! I tried using different accounts for different projects, but now I just have multiple accounts with too many messages. In this day of personal and professional relationships blurring, it is hard to keep one e-mail for professional correspondence and one e-mail for personal correspondence. You still need a separate account for all of the stuff (junk) you sign up for online. Now, it seems that you need a separate account just for social media notifications! You can turn off notifications, but many of them exist for good reason and alert you to things you want to be notified about.

Here's a run-down of all of the different notifications you might be potentially receiving in your inbox.

Facebook offers notifications via e-mail and mobile text messaging. You might try switching notifications to text messages to free up some of your e-mail space. Also, it looks like a new feature is the option to choose a summary e-mail of all of your notifications instead of individual e-mails for each notification.

There are 79 Facebook notifications you can turn on or off including:
Someone sends you a message
Someone posts on your wall
Someone tags you in a post
Someone mentions you in a comment
Someone comments on a post you were tagged in

The 79 notification choices do not include applications that you have allowed to connect with Facebook. You have to manually select or de-select notifications from each of those. Also, groups are individually managed within each group page. Often, we will be added to a group by someone else. You need to change your notification settings on that particular group page if you don't want e-mails about each post.

On LinkedIn, there are 13 choices for the frequency you receive notifications. You probably want to know when someone sends you a connection request or sends you a message through LinkedIn. I highly recommend joining 50 groups (the maximum number you can join) however, you should only keep receiving e-mail notifications for new messages posted in groups that are benefiting you. Otherwise, your inbox will overflow!

I turned off my new Twitter follower notification a long time ago. However, now I have to remind myself to log-in directly to Twitter to see who my new followers are so I can determine which ones I want to follow back. There are only 7 notifications to choose from on Twitter. This must be the reason I love Twitter: it is so simple compared to all of the other sites!

Google+ is the one that is pushing me over the edge and I think it is only because it is new so I haven't changed my notification settings yet. It looks like they setup notifications identically to Facebook's notifications page. You can choose e-mail or mobile text messaging for most of the 22 notification options you have for Google+. I just un-checked all of my e-mail notifications. Just like Facebook, I will see a notification box at the top of the page when I am logged into the platform so I will know if someone has added me to a circle or tagged me in a post.

All of these platforms have mobile applications as well and I receive notifications on my mobile phone when many of these actions occur. However, they don't all come through and are not always timely so unfortunately we can't rely on this method of notifications yet.

Let me know if I missed anything important - or if you feel the same way about your inbox as I do mine!


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