Three Easy Twitter Tips

While testing out Nimble again to see if they finally have the bugs worked out, I became obsessed with finding the identity of someone who needs help with her personal branding. The integration from one social network to another and the ease at which you can discover new things and new people is what I need from a social CRM.

By the way, Nimble is a social CRM. You can connect your social profiles and contact database to it so that when you are looking at someone, you can see your past interactions with them as well as their past social shares (which are either shared with you or are public).

I was viewing the profile of one of my connections, and I noticed one of her tweets (from five months ago) I'll leave the twitter handle in question off the tweet. "Hi Tammy, are you a meeting "planer" (as your Twitter profile caption says) or a "meeting planner"?"

It was too good to be true! I had to know if she had since changed her twitter bio after my friend pointed out her typo. You guessed it. If she had changed it, I wouldn't be sharing this learning moment with you. She has been tweeting so its not like she set up the Twitter account and then never used it again.

Twitter is actually incredibly simple to operate. Here are a few tips:

  • Spell check your bio (list a bio if you haven't done that already - only 160 characters)
  • Monitor your mentions (where people use your twitter handle in a tweet) and respond appropriately
  • Look at who is following you and follow them back if they seem like real, genuine people

Anything that shows up online with your name on it is part of your personal brand.


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