Bridge Building

As I was crossing this bridge, I realized that bridges are my thing. I remember drawing a bridge a LONG time ago in an art therapy session that was part of some organization I belonged to and I used "crossing the divide" as the original tag line for my blog. I also love bridges like the Golden Gate Bridge and the Brooklyn Bridge, but who doesn't?!?

It has been a long road to get to this bridge. I lost my job in February and then spent four months volunteering for a friend's startup, but that didn't go according to plan either. I wish I would have had the guts to record videos during that time, although they would have been painful to watch. We tend to want to "get it all figured out" before we share the journey but I've discovered that life is the journey.

Now that I've spent a few* months trying to figure out what direction I should be going, it seems that one of my skills is bridge builder! Many friends have spent time on the phone, in person, via email and slack helping me talk about the destinations to which I want to build bridges for others. I'm building multiple bridges as I learn the philosophies behind topics like human centered design and systems thinking.

The pace at which the world is changing keeps speeding up! We need to figure out how to build bridges quickly to places where we've never been. This will be the new direction for my blog. It will feel like we're building a couple of bridges together, but I promise they'll end up connecting.


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