One question survey on the future of work

I’ve been looking into my crystal ball the past few months (yes, there’s some intuition involved, but really, a lot of curiosity about diverse topics that I’m able to synthesize) and here’s what I think successful companies look like in the future:
  • The future of work is going to look vastly different from what we are used to. I am seeking organizations who agree and are willing to re-evaluate the status quo. Everything from the business model to how leaders manage their teams should be up for discussion. Instead of waiting for change to happen to them, they are proactive.
  • Leaders who understand the business value of diversity are willing to spend resources figuring out how to create more inclusive cultures. CX (customer experience) and EX (employee experience) managed together create a sustainable competitive advantage.
  • We are craving more authenticity. Companies that project a human image by being vulnerable (contrary to traditional rules of PR) will attract loyalty that is all but impossible to get in this era. Employees who have a personal brand add value to that authenticity when organizations support them.
What do you think? Will you take an anonymous one-question survey so I can gauge how soon you think we’ll get there (if at all)? 
I’m looking for work that suits my strengths and skills: 
Chief Experience Officer
These are the industries where I have the most knowledge and/or interest: A.I., beverage, education, events, hospitality, social impact orgs that work to move us beyond traditional gender stereotypes, startups, and travel
My sabbatical has led me to this massive transformative purpose: 
I want to create companies humans want to work for and buy from. 
If you hear of any organizations that have the values listed above or people doing the jobs listed above, I’d love to connect to them. If you are interested in discussing any of these concepts, let me know. I'll also be sharing more online. Subscribe/notify on YouTube or LinkedIn. If you have any feedback for me based on what I’ve shared so far, please reply at your convenience. How can I help you in this new year and decade? Schedule time on my calendar here:


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