Elizabeth Glau has been recognized by BizBash as 1 of the top 500 people in events and Connect Association on the 40 under 40 in 2017 (barely making the age cut-off!). Her work in the field of engagement technology has been featured in publications ranging from The Meeting Professional to The San Diego Union Tribune. She has spoken for PCMA, eTouches, Convention Industry Council, (C) Systems and many others. As a co-host of the Making a Marketer podcast until 2019, Elizabeth elevated the marketing profession by highlighting the challenges and solutions from the industry’s brightest.

Hi there! I’m Elizabeth, and I’m looking for a C-level position in a company that wants to build or transform into a human-centered organization. I live in Portland, Oregon with my encouraging husband, Mac Alshaarawi. I’m from Gering, Nebraska and I’ve lived in 11 different cities between then and now, including 2 different countries and a national park.

Many of us are frustrated by work because we want it to feel more fulfilling. I spent about a decade geeking out about exciting new technologies but ultimately realized that technology is a tool that might help you get the job done but you need more than technology to design an experience. I spent the next five years connecting my stakeholders’ wants and needs with business goals and objectives and have a very particular viewpoint on experience design. I’m using my many years of experience in customer service and hospitality and adding in concepts of human-centered design and service delivery. We all have more examples of bad management than we do of good leadership but I want that to change.

I work with CEOs to co-create a culture that inspires employee and customer loyalty by aligning human emotion with business objectives. I’m the Composer of Corporate Culture and I aspire to be the BrenĂ© Brown of Business.

Gallup Strengths: Activator, Ideation, Relator, Command, and Self-Assurance. Fascination Advantage Archetype: The Talent. Kolbe Conative Strengths: Explain (5), Maintain (4), Innovate (9), Envision (2). Sparketype: The Scientist / The Warrior. 16Personalities: Protagonist/ENFJ-A. Enneagram: Challenger (8) w Enthusiast (7), Kind profile: Altruistic.

View my calendar here: egcxgroup.com

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